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{ shutter bug } Rankin Live…

I’ve been reading about the Rankin Live project since the PR machine started cranking out material some time earlier this year.

The premise is pretty simple, 1,000 everyday people photographed by the man himself. Each session lasts just 15 mins from the first shutter closing to the portrait being hung in the exhibition. OK, not quite so simple. Quite an undertaking when you think about it. If you’re chosen to participate, you pay £50 for the honor, and every penny of that goes to Oxfam.

The portraits can also be viewed online, and I’ve just wasted a good hour flicking through the results.
3 things really struck me about the pictures…

First of all, there are way more women than men being photographed. Is this because most of the PR was in women’s magazines? Or because men just aren’t as bothered about looking good in photos as women are?

Secondly, of all of those women, a heck of a lot of them have brunette hair with a heavy fringe.
Having spent yesterday afternoon watching 500 days of Summer with my sister, and then the rest of the day with serious Zooey Deschanel hair envy, (my sister pointed out that mine looks just like hers, but I beg to differ, hers looks better), I now think it might be time for a change.
I was at a party recently where I saw someone who I hadn’t seen for years.
“You look different” she declared, “your hair is darker”.
“Yes”, I answered, “and I have a fringe”.
“Yes, but everyone has a fringe now”, she replied.

I digress. Last but not least, while the project pre-amble tells participants to dress to impress, the majority of portraits are close ups.
Either people are really letting the side down and not dressing to impress, or the reality is that what we wear isn’t half as revealing as the expression on our face…

And yes, I have applied, fingers crossed!

{all images from Rankin Live }

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