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{ finger lickin’ } hot chocolate…

Never normally one for just parrotting other’s blog posts, I had to make an exception and share this one with you…
Victoria at Skinny Latte is quickly becoming my official London Tour Guide. I’ve lived in London for 11 years but am embarrassingly slack at getting out and about to discover new places. Victoria has no such hesitation, and is always posting about new foodie discoveries that go on the rapidly growing list in my Molskine of places I will visit SOON.
And this place just jumped right to the front of the cue!
There’s bit of running joke in my family that revolves around coffee shops. I hate coffee. And I am also very impatient, and don’t understand why we have to all get ready, leave the house, travel for an hour to go shopping, (be it high street, Borough Market, whatever), and then as soon as we get there we all have to stop, sit down and have coffee. WHY?!?!?! It drives me mad!! Why couldn’t they just have a coffee at home before we left?! My family think it’s hilarious and while I’ll never talk my mum and stepdad out of the habit, my sister is now kind enough to get a take out coffee and drink it while we shop. (She has to keep me on side or I wont pick pretty things for her to buy!)
I’m pretty sure I’ve ranted about this on the blog before, but I’ll shut up now and get to the point. Which is this, dear family, next time we go to Borough Market we’re going to The Rabot Estate instead, and I’m going to have a hug hot chocolate and that there chocolate mousse and make you all sit there waiting while I eat it at a painfully slow pace, slower than Liza!
So there.
Be sure to check out Victoria’s blog, it really is a treat for the sense, and even though she’s a vegetarian (not a bad thing at all, just a contrast to my meat loving ways!) I always want to go and eat at the places she discovers.
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