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{ on the shelf } all change…

I am currently reading these two books in tandem (despite Tim Ferris telling me that I shouldn’t read more than one non-fiction book at a time. I’ve never been on one for following ALL the rules ALL the time!)
And I have to tell you, my life has kind of been turned on it’s head, in the best possible way. 
One of my (many) step-sisters (the one who runs 2 successful businesses) told me to read The 4-Hour Work Week years ago, but I was far too busy doing ineffective things to read it. I guess it really is true that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. 
And I don’t think I could ask for 2 better teachers. Ken Robinson’s book has been a startling insight into why my childhood in general and education in particular were such a struggle in so many respects.
I love my father dearly, but when it comes to education (and subsequently,  intelligence), he’s old school. My sister has always impressed him with her academic abilities and achievements, maths and languages come easy to her and she sees the world clearly through her university educated eyes.  While I’ve frustrated and (in my heart) disappointed him with my unconventional approach, no university, currently on my 3rd and 4th careers at the same time. I see so much of myself in him that I’m consistently amazed by how little he understands me and what I do (and more importantly why I do it that way). My father, who is fiercely intelligent, always jokes that he doesn’t want to play Scrabble with me because I get upset when I lose. We laugh and gloss over the fact that he’s never beaten me. Ever.  
But to him, it’s my sister who is intelligent because she’s clever in the ‘right’ way. She wears a suit to work, does big deals in foreign countries and gets big bonuses because she works so hard. He understands this. This makes sense to him. I don’t. 
So, The Element is reminding me that where I am, and how I got here is actually OK, that I’m on the right path. It’s also helped me to realise that beating myself up for not being great at the business side of what I’m doing isn’t the answer. Which is where Tim Ferris comes in – why suffer the guilt and sweat it when you can just outsource it! And use all that precious free time to do more of the stuff you love. Errrrrrr… duh! 
I picked up The 4-Hour Work Week thinking “this is going to be a Marmite book” and I was right, although I teetered on the brink of hating it’s infomercial tone at the beginning, I am now making prolific notes, and putting lots of things into action the second I read about them! (I do sometimes pause and wonder if I’m being brainwashed!)
So, lots of change afoot here, and lots of news to come. Watch this space!
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