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on the shelf // to kindle, or not to kindle…

the view from the Santa Barbara Airbus

Over the last couple of months I have travelled from Devon >> London >> LA >> Santa Barbara >> LA >> London >> Devon >> London >> LA >> Santa Barbara >> LA >> London >> Devon >>.

That’s a lot of air miles, and a lot of airport/train station time, and in my case, that equals a hell of a lot of books and magazines. I can’t help it, I am the first to admit that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to printed matter, I hoard it like my mum hoards rubber bands. 

So it comes as no surprise that various friends along the way were amazed (as they hefted my lead-like suitcases from vehicle to vehicle) that I don’t have an iPad or Kindle. And when I look at the rather daunting stack of reading material that I was carrying around with me, I can kind of see their point. 

I’ve always had a bit of a longing for an iPad, but I can’t quite justify the expense (plus, how many Apple gadgets do I need? Really?) plus I know that I’m far too easily distracted to get any kind of quality reading done on one, I’d be clicking off on an interweb exploring adventure at the first opportunity. 

But a Kindle is different, and friends of mine who read on them absolutely swear by them. And now I see that you can buy a white one (the grey always looked a bit depressing to me)…I’m struggling to find a reason NOT to buy one…

And in case you were wondering which books I had been lugging around with me, they are, in no particular order…
And the magazines? Oh, that would be 2 x Vogue UK, 2 x Elle UK, Lula, Bon, TWELV, Martha Stewart Weddings, Real Simple Weddings, Nylon, Monocle, 2 x Vanity Fair, Brides, Grazia, I could go on… I really do need help!

Do you have a Kindle? Do you love it? Or will you forever be paper addict like me?

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