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Like most women I know, I take it upon myself to spread my birthday celebrations across as many days as possible. And I figure that the older I get, the more important this is as the number of people making a fuss of you on your birthday tends to drop significantly after the jelly and ice cream days are over (although I did have jelly on my birthday this year, because I was at a one year old’s birthday. I love jelly.)

So, Thursday night celebrations, actual ‘on my birthday’ Saturday celebrations, and then Tuesday night was just the sister and I on the town.

We started at the Chanel pop-up store in Covent Garden, which was a massive disappointment. What I’d imagined to be a sleek and luxurious beauty emporium filled to the brim with lots of my favourite products and lots more I’d yet to discover, turned out to be a mediocre department store counter slung in the corner of a tiny shop that was otherwise filled with glossy black plastic shop fittings, inattentive staff and more security blokes than you could shake a stick at. Which I’m assuming is what they were there to prevent since theft of any product would have required actual product. Fail.

Onwards and upwards! We headed straight to Dean Street and the newly opened Burger & Lobster. The sister and I had agreed beforehand that we would eat early (the restaurant doesn’t take reservations and we both have an aversion to queuing for food), so we were seated immediately and got stuck into the cocktail menu, the sister ordering a ‘summer’ something and me going for a dirty gin martini. Deeeelicious.

The staff were incredible, friendly, joking, efficient and above all, informed. The menu here is pretty self-explanatory, you can order a burger or… a lobster (or a lobster roll). The burger is 10 ounces of beef heaven, topped with bacon and cheese, the lobster is steamed and then finished on the grill and served with plain or lemon & garlic melted butter. And both are served with chips and a salad.

Ordering was a no brainer for the sister and I, we had one of each and then shared. The one and a half pound lobster was beautifully cooked, juicy and moist, the lemon and garlic butter sublime. I was a little amused when our (very lovely) waitress tried to teach me how to break open a lobster claw – lady, this ain’t my first time on this gravy train, jog on. The chips were golden and crunchy, and the salad unexpectedly delicious with parmesan, croutons, red onion and a delicious balsamic dressing. Onto the burger – oh me oh my. Cooked to perfection, juicy without being soggy, the bacon was smoky and delicious, the cheese just so. I honestly couldn’t fault the food. At £20 a dish, you could argue that it’s pricy for a burger, but for the heart of Soho, and service that good, it’s not a price I’d begrudge.

We skipped the 2 dessert options in favour of walking down through China Town to the St John Hotel, where we had more cocktails and shared a scoop of their previously amazing but on this trip rather average chocolate ice cream.

And with that we made our way home, complaining all the way with smiles on our faces, about how full we were.

Burger & Lobster // 36 Dean St, London, W1D 4PS
The St John Hotel // 1 Leicester St, London, WC2H 7BL

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