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{ movie magic } the ugly truth

I’ve never really got the whole Gerard Butler thing. But maybe I wasn’t looking properly…
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{ shutter bug } paris x 4

I was sorting through some old pictures last night and came across these fantastic pictures taken years ago during a trip to Paris to visit my younger sister who was living there at the time.

She had given me this funky little camera a few years before and it was getting a little French airing (well, like that camera, but even more retro, this was years ago!).

Anyway, I remember at the time that I wasn’t all that impressed with the pictures. Grainy, blurred etc. Now of course, it’s a completely different story, and I wish I had the camera so that I could run outside and take some pics right now. These pictures are so great, and all the things that disappointed me then, delight me now.

I’ll have to do the next best thing and take my Polaroid with me on my next outing.

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{ shutter bug } perfect peonies

My friend Lucy and I drove down to Devon last night. A horrible trip, slow motorways, being stuck in a car in the boiling sunshine, swiftly followed by thunderstorms and lightening.

4.5 hours later, we pulled up my mum’s driveway to be greeted by smiling faces, hot food and most important of all, ice cold Gin & Tonics!!

This morning we are baking oatcakes for a friends wedding tomorrow. And this beautiful vase of peonies is sitting outside on the breakfast table in the sunshine. Not a bad start to the day at all.

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{ inspiration } true blue

I’m just sorting through my desk, trying to find the surface of it, and I came across this picture that I tore out of Vogue eons ago. I had forgotten what a beautiful picture it is. The colours are so stunning, and it’s no coincidence that the dress works so well within the room. It was made specifically to be photographed in that room, on that staircase, on the beautiful Lily Cole. And it took a crew of 12 people, with 15 trunks of clothes and camera equipment to make it happen. That’s what I love about fashion, the wonderful, indulgent lunacy of it all. Fabulous!

So fabulous in fact that I feel a new design coming on…

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{ shutter bug } the seaside in style

I’m obsessed with old photos, and have a large collection from my family. But I also love stumbling across them in antique shops, stuffed into old albums with scribbled notes on the back. A few years ago I fell in love with 2 prints embellished with butterfly wings at an auction, and when I went to collect them after a successful bid, lo and behold I had actually bought a huge cardboard box stuffed with albums and albums of stamps and a few photo albums. Plus of course, the 2 pictures I had first fallen for. These photos were in one of the albums, and I love the look of what was obviously a big day out at the seaside. The details are fantastic, the heavy coats (that’s British weather for you!) the changing tents, the hats, the hair, the shoes.. and those sunglasses. Style from beginning to end. Next time I go to the beach I am determined to make more of an effort.

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{ shutter bug } into the light…

A beautiful picture from Rachel Haynes (flickr)

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{ wedding belles } heather in lace

My beautiful sister got married this summer in Charleston, South Carolina. A very special day, or should I say week…

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