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{ finger lickin’ } time for tea…

There’s nothing quite as refreshing, comforting, soul satisfying as a cup of tea. It makes you feel whole again, and if you have a favorite, like I do, then you end up taking your tea with you when you travel. I am constantly confusing airport security with my ziploc bags stuffed full of tea bags.

One of my sisters lives in California, and whenever I go and visit, I am charged with bringing her a fresh supply of Yorkshire Gold tea bags. But perhaps, next time she is running low, I will treat her to a Tea Postcard from Postcard teas…

You can purchase and send the Tea Postcards from the shop, or order online. They also do caddies and refills, and each tea comes with a different postcard design.

{ All images from Postcard Teas }
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{ finger lickin’ } buttercups…

The baking gods have smiled upon me once more.

OK, so my mum emailed me a link, but it amounts to the same thing, a recipe for homemade peanut butter cups. With dark chocolate and salt crystals on top!
Finger lickin’ doesn’t quite cover it…
so excited I forgot to post the link! { recipe here }
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{ on the shelf } Julie, Julia, Meryl & Amy…

Months and months ago I had the good fortune to see the movie Julie & Julia, the wonderful adaptation of Julie Powell’s debut novel, which in turn was based on her blog, The Julie/Julia project. Meryl Streep is fantastic as Julia Child, and Amy Adams is as adorable as ever.

And just in time for the film’s release this summer, comes Julie Powell’s follow up book, Cleaving, which I shall be running out to buy just as soon as it’s released. Since I can’t resist a good love story, and most certainly can’t resist good food, I think I will be in for a treat.
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{ finger lickin’ } butter me up…

You can’t move these days for blogposts about the wonder that is Sunday Suppers. And for very good reason. The blog itself is pure, unadulterated food porn, but dig a little deeper and you discover what it’s all about and start planning your relocation to Brooklyn.

Their collaborations seem to be getting more and more impressive, the menus, the flowers, the styling, the design; but for me it’s an early recipe, Buttermilk Biscuits (that’s scones to you and me) and Jam Butters that really gets my juices going.
Jam Butter. Jam Butter??! It had to be the single greatest invention this decade!
{ recipe here }
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{ finger lickin’ } I’ll take 4 please….

In england we don’t eat ice cream sandwiches even half as much as I think we should. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies just about cooled to room temperature, sandwiched together with a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream is a simple pleasure that’s hard to beat. I’d never really considered much of a variation on the theme. If it ain’t broke etc… but then these little beauties popped up on the sugary delight that is Canelle et Vanille I had a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment…

As much as I love a proper French patisserie, I’m always a little overwhelmed by the choice and almost always end up getting a palmier, all buttery and sweet. Or chouquettes. Mmmmmmm.
And one of my very guilty pleasures is cheap raspberry ripple ice cream. So it looks like these babies are going to be a hit if I ever get round to making them…
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{ finger lickin’ } Blueberry Boy Bait

Like the original blogger, Smitten Kitchen, I fell in love with the name of this baked treat. And when I read on to discover that in her opinion it almost contains too much butter (almost) and that it is dusted with cinnamon sugar, I was sold.

I’ll be whipping up a batch soon. Stop by for a slice and a cuppa if you’re in the neighborhood…
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{ finger lickin’ } kill me now…

I love chocolate. I love peanut butter. Bananas are pretty good too. And good bread and butter is hard to beat. So you can imagine the sound of my jaw hitting my desk when I stumbled across this piece of divine chocolate inspiration…I’m off to make one now. I kid you not…

{ via the brilliant Peace, Love & Chocolate }
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{ finger lickin’ } perfect purple potato chips…

This weekend’s wedding was the perfect “summer in the country” wedding. A nd a really great example of a wedding where everyone pitches in with cooking, baking, arranging flowers, mixing drinks, stringing glass jar lanterns and generally making themselves useful. The food was particularly good. After a quick civil ceremony we arrived back at the farm for Pimms and Cream Teas (if you don’t know what these are you are seriously missing out!) The kids had their own set up, complete with cheese straws, cucumber sandwiches and purple potato chips. The grown ups then moved on to platters groaning under the weight of antipasti and fresh focaccia that the bride had baked that morning, swiftly followed by a family style dinner of slowed roasted lamb (of which I ate way too much, it was amazing!) served with fresh garden salads and new potatoes. I was almost (that’s almost) too full for cake, but managed some of the delicious, moist and very chocolaty wedding cake. With 2 types of cream!!

Now that’s what I call wedding food. Heaven. I only wish I had managed to get a picture of the cheese board. A cheese lovers delight, the 5ft long chopping board was laden with all manner of locally produced cheeses, and an extremely stinky wheel of brie that a friend had brought over from France in a cool box. That’s friendship for you.

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{ finger lickin’ } macaroon swoon…

I’ve never been much of a macaroon fan. I think I’ve always had an idea in my head that they taste like marzipan (eurgh!). But these days I see more and more interesting variations on a theme. At Christmas, we took afternoon tea to my mum’s favourite friends, Uncle B and Auntie Ro. Quite a journey, 3 hampers, china & glass cake stands, platters, chunky cut glass bowls filled with clotted cream and strawberry jam, chocolate cake and much more all piled into the boot of the car, rubling through the Devon lanes, so that the five of us could sit by the fire for 4 hours drinking pot after pot of tea, eating plate after plate of goodies and playing cards. I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon, but if I do, you’ll be the first to know. I made finger sandwiches (the ham ones were especially deeeeeeelicious), light fluffy scones and cupcakes. My mum blew me out of the water with the most divine pistachio macaroons. Pale green pieces of heaven, I made myself sick with one too many, but well worth it.

I say too many, but I still managed a bowl of the vichyssoise that Ro whipped up at 9pm when we realised that tea was over and it was time for supper!

But I digress… my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw these pink beauties. If I had raspberry powder and pink peppercorns in the cupboard I wouldn’t be sitting here writing about them, I’d be in the kitchen baking them!

From the beautiful Canelle & Vanille blog.
The recipe my mum used for her pistachio macaroons was from Nigella Lawson and can be found here courtesy of A Spoonful of Sugar.

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