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I know I’m a little late to this game, but I’m not gonna let a 2 month blogging ‘hiatus’ stop you folks from seeing the beautiful creations of Brooklyn-based designer and artist Rebecca Atwood.


Inspired by water and waves, city shadows and paint splatters, a vintage scarf from her great aunt, and compositions started in her sketchbook, the pieces are designed to be casually elegant, but practical, meant to be lived with and enjoyed.  They are made of durable, but soft, natural fabrics including cotton canvas and twill, as well as natural and chambray linen.

The colour sand fabrics used are classic and timeless, but the unusual combinations put a modern twist on them.

Reverie_2999 Reverie_3000 Reverie_3001

Rebecca’s blog is also worth a visit for a dose of visual inspiration.

All images by Nicole Fanzen via Rebecca Atwood.

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Just added these superb sherbet creations to the shop

Coquette Lovely iPhone Covers

They really are swell…

Coquette Lovely Cushion

And there’s free worldwide shipping until Sunday, so get clicking!

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Oh Anthropologie, how do you do what you do to me?! Your August Journal has me all weak at the knees…

A dress with a cardi, skinny belt & statement necklace? Hello uniform…

But most of all, it’s the beds, they get me every time, I feel blissfuly sleepy just looking at them…

Nap anyone?

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The sister and I are off to NYC and will be swinging by Ikea on our way back to pick up some things for the new abode. 
Top of the list (in my mind at least, she’s probably more concerned with buying chairs so that we can actually sit at the kitchen table. And quite right she is too!) are these black and white beauties…
Me + black and white stripes, what a surprise!!
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But maybe a long hot bath first…
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Since I moved into my new apartment in April, I have done shamelessly little about decorating my bedroom. The ugly purple curtains that were there when I moved in are still hanging there, taunting me, and I still haven’t decided on what to put on the walls. 
It’s probably high time I did something about it, and as soon as I have the pennies to spare, I may need to get my butt over to Anthropologie and purchase these beauties
So pretty.
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{ home comforts } tea for one hundred and two…

While browsing the blog of my new partner in crime (OK, we haven’t met yet, but I have a feeling that after our afternoon tea session on Thursday we will be thick as thieves) I came across this genius website…
The Vintage Table is the kind of website/service that melts my vintage obsessed heart. Of course I’ll never much be in need of their services, being in possession as I am of more vintage crockery than a single thirty something girl really needs (it’s on every shelf, even balanced on top of books on the bookcase). But should a certain big day ever loom on my horizon, I’ll be calling them up with glee!
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{ home comforts } H&Mmmmmmm…

Errrrrrr, could someone please explain to me how I totally managed to miss the fact the H&M were producing some dame cute homewares?
Seriously? How could I not have known this? I need all of these products in my house stat!
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{ home comforts } room to roost…

This Friday I’m filming with some very cultured peeps from the BBC at The Roost in Hackney. I’d not heard of this location before, so set about doing my homework, and was very excited when I started rummaging around on their website…
I can’t wait to get there and have a proper snoop around!
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{ home comforts } what I wouldn’t give…

For storage like this in my bathroom…
Not to mention the bath tub, leather armchair & white subway tiling.
{ pic }
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