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{ home comforts } mirror, mirror on every wall…

Dear Universe, 
When I grow up, please may I have a dressing room this beautiful and glamorous and downright heavenly?
In fact, while we’re wishing for things, please may I also have enough gorgeous clothes to necessitate a dressing room?
Thanks awfully.
KT x
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{ home comforts } when the nights draw in…

Come the short dark days of Autumn, I want to hunker down in this room, with a roaring fire, this, this & this box set, an endless supply of these, these & these and a HUGE pot of this.
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{ inspiration } perfectly pink…

This beautiful tablescape, discovered on Sacramento Street, has me day dreaming about a balmy summer evening in my courtyard with elderflower & prosecco cocktails and a gaggle of girlfriends to gossip with until the sun rises…
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{ home comforts } cabin fever…

After my birthday wish last week (still waiting on that one…) I’ve stumbled across a sea of cabins in the blogosphere in the last week. 
It would be rude of me not to share, right?
This chandelier strewn summer house comes courtesy of Gypsy Rose Writes, and I’m almost convinced that I could happily give up (most of) my possessions in order to live in it. Almost.

This waterside piece of bliss comes via sfgirlbybay, and when I decide to give it all up and become a reclusive writer of wistful, melancholy romantic literature, this is where you’ll find me.

And finally, via Poppytalk, a far more practical option (it has heating, cooking and cleaning facilities, but what’s that worth when romance is an option…?)

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{ home comforts } no need to wrap it…

Dear Universe,
I know that you are already planning great things for my birthday tomorrow, but just in case you’re stumped on that one last gift, perhaps a cabin from Dave Coote could be what you’re looking for?
I can tell you now that it would go down pretty well.
Kate x
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{ home comforts } the french house…

The French House is an antique and architectural wonder that is a little too close to my house for my own good. Luckily, I can’t even stretch to afford most of the stuff that they stock, but that doesn’t stop me reading their Friday email updates with wide, day dreaming eyes…
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{ home comforts } serene in Nimes…

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? (I know that word means something completely unrelated, but stick with me).
I’ve got stuff everywhere. Pretty stuff. Useful stuff. Just in case stuff. It’s tidy (most of the time…) but it doesn’t stop some of my family (and friends!) referring to it as junk! These are the same people who, when they come to visit, borrow handbags, necklaces, books, DVDs, toolboxes, cocktail glasses… you get the idea. My point being, that I am SOOOOOOO not a minimalist. Heck no.
BUT, sometimes, very occasionally, I look at homes like this and wish for a fleeting moment that my surroundings were this serene…
See what I mean? Maybe just for a vacation…
{ All pics from Light Locations }
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{ home comforts } prints charming…

Coming soon to a sofa near me, cushions made out of this seriously cute fabric…
ANNAMOAFabriclight yellowWidth:  150 cm Pattern repeat: 92 cm
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{ home comforts } lovely loo…

Ummmmmm, why doesn’t my toilet look this glamorous…?
Must. Try. Harder.
{ pic }
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{ home comforts } Oh that? That’s my wish plant…

“We’re so happy you could visit!  The room’s all made up for you, and I ripped out some pages of my favorite book and taped them to your wall in case you’re like me and enjoy reading before bed.”
“Gary! If these oars even come close to knocking over a single one of my starfish, I’ll shove one inside you. And if you leave your tote bag by the chair one more time…”
“Oh that?  That’s my Wish Plant.  It’s where I clip pictures of people who I want dead.”
 I may be a little late to the party on this one, but I am currently addicted to Catalog LivingA look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs.
Gary & Elaine are my new fantasy dinner party guests.
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