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{ vanity fair } fringe fancy…

I have had a fringe (bangs to those of an American persuasion) for over a year and a half. And on the whole I love it. But lately I’ve been having hair cravings for my long, fringe-less hair of old. I think it’s just because it’s the summer, and I want soft, romantic, flowing tresses instead of the blunt fringe, collar-bone length hair I’ve been carrying around all winter. I then stumbled across this picture and thought “aha!” the perfect mix, the fringe is there, but longer, the hair is soft, romantic, (slightly French). I could do that.

Then I realised, No Kate, you cannot do that. My hair never does what it is told, and certainly never looks like that even if I had been styled for an hour like the model has.

Put the scissors down and get back to work…
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{ notes on style } too cool for school

When did Hermione Granger become so damn cool?

This is how effortlessly cool I look in my head.
Although in reality I am missing one crucial element. Being 19.
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{ notes on style } the perfect laid back dress

I dream of finding a dress like this. It’s the perfect half-way house between Friday Night Dinner and Sunday casual. Heels, flats, big bag, clutch, chunky jewels, delicate chain… the sky’s the limit. If you find one, let me know!

And that hair! I’m thinking of growing out my fringe, and hair like this makes the argument all the more compelling.
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{ notes on style } a bit of a do…

Tomorrow I officially become Lola’s God Mother. I couldn’t be more excited at the prospect, and have all sorts of plans to make sure I become her favourite God Parent (competitive, moi, absolutely!). This little girl couldn’t be more loved, and her life is off to a pretty good start as she is being christened at the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace. Fancy doesn’t cover it. Of course I shall be digging out my finest apparel, but I’m wishing I had apparel this fine to wear…

{ photo: Dior in Vogue }
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{ notes on style } sitting pretty

Since I moved into my little flat last year, I have been using a metal garden chair to work at my desk. Extremely uncomfortable and not very pretty, it’s taken me over a year to do something about it. Procrastinate? Me? Surely not.

I think one thing that had stopped me was the serious lack of practical / comfortable and pretty (not to mention affordable) desk chairs. Well, I couldn’t sit around (uncomfortably) forever, waiting for someone to make me one, so I made one myself.

Off I went to Ikea, pennies in hand, and bought their cheapest swively, padded, height adjustable chair. And a pack of tea towels…

I know I’m not the first to put tea towels to an alternative use, but I love my little chair all the same. And I’m a sucker for stripes, so it fits the bill just right.

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{ notes on style } lacey dreams

Since lusting after the drop waist dress in the post below, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a soft, floaty romantic dress just like it, and today I found this gorgeous nightdress in Zara Home. The cotton is very transparent, so needs to be worn with a slip if you’re wearing it out of the house. It is gorgeous.

I then discovered this beautiful blouse on Etsy, and this gorgeous photo from Sea Shanties on flickr. Lace on the brain…

Lace blouse from Willow Creek Sparrow on Etsy

Lace Nightdress by Zara Home

Beautiful pic by Sea Shanties on flickr

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{ notes on style } so fresh and so clean…

I am so in love with this dress. The whole outfit really. I want it!!

{ image via the sartorialist }

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