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a week of wishes // travel must haves…

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t indulge in a little Christmas list making? They do say that the best gifts to give are the ones you’d like to receive yourself (do they say that? I thought they did, maybe it’s just me that says that, I digress…) so herewith, the first list – things for people who travel a lot…

I travel a LOT. Up and down the UK and back and forth across the Atlantic. Perhaps not as much as some, but enough to have the essentials pretty much licked. I can do Heathrow T5 with my eyes closed (tip: always take the elevators between floors, there’s a reason the cabin crews always use them, they’re quicker) and I can get the best seat on the London to Penzance train before the platform has even been announced. That said, there are a few things that could make the journey even smoother…
1. Peacock Scarf // All Saints – My sister Ali travels far more than I do, and far further, and when we were both in the same country recently, sorting through our suitcases, we counted a total of 7 scarves between us and agreed we may have a dependency problem. They’re a travel essential, wrapping up warm on the plane/train, as makeshift blankets, makeshift towels, bundling laundry in, the list goes on and on…
2. Two-Tone Leather Clutch // Gap – Packing your essentials into smaller pouches makes for much easier packing and unpacking, and when you’re travelling a lot, the pouches can just be switched from one suitcase to another. I use one for travel documents and currency, one for cables and adaptors, a small one for nail files, clippers and a cuticle oil pen and so on and so forth. American Apparel also do a great selection.
3. Green Science Firming Face Cream – Aveda – This super hydrating and firming cream is just the thing for quenching parched skin in-flight, and the firming action lifts the complexion so you’re looking your best when you land.
4. Kitten Cat-Eye Sunglasses // ASOS – Airport chic starts with “don’t look at me, I’m famous” shades to attract the paps disguise tired eyes. 
5. Cashmere Eye Mack // Cash Ca – Because please, those plastic things they give you on the plane? Eye-sweat much? And hotel rooms/spare room/sofas in living rooms with crappy curtains are all redeemed by the simplicity of a cashmere eye mask.
6. Cashmere Folk Socks // Brora – Toasty toes on an over-chilled plane, enough said. 
7. Lavender Essential Oil // Jurlique – Air-freshener, sleep-inducer, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, perfume, stress-reliever wonder oil!
8. Gold Classic Headphone MKII with Mic // Angle & Curve – I know, they’re not compact, foldable or ‘noise-reducing’ but they’re sooooooooo pretty. I’d happily forgo the bag space in order to be able to sport these babies while I watch the little BA film where the kid drops the bunny (tip: don’t be that smug person who thinks they don’t need to watch the safety demo on the plane, even if you know it off by heart, it’s simple good manners to pay attention to the cabin crew, that’s what they’re there for)
9. iPad Mini // Apple – I give in. I surrender! 
I knew I needed to address the number of books and magazines that I routinely carry around with me when it got to the point where I was reaching my luggage limit on printed materials alone. A kindle seemed to be the obvious answer, I never really saw the point in iPads (too big, might as well get the laptop out) and then along came the iPad Mini. Touché. 

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During the summer I took to the bottle in a BIG way. No, not the gin (although I have developed a penchant for dirty martinis, but only once in a while) but the bleach bottle. And since a haircut is way over due (I normally only manage once a year, which is shockingly poor ) I now have acres of frazzled ombre hair that needs looking after. The ends of my hair are light blonde and, if not looked after properly, very dry and straw-like.

Enter Kerastase Elixir Ultime, which I slather onto my towel dried hair before brushing through and leaving to dry naturally.

I’ve blogged about my cherished hair oil before, but with the damage done by the 4 applications of bleach, I needed a real heavy hitter.

Made with a blend of Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi oils, this rich elixir smells delicious, although not too heavily perfumed, and sinks into hair leaving it conditioned, smooth and protected without feeling greasy.

I had already been using it before the bleaching, but it’s really come into it’s own since I went half blonde.

It’s not the cheapest hair product around, but a little goes a fairly long way (although with my current waist-length curtain, not as far as it should!)

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street style // shop the look…

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