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{ sunday sundae } but not as we know it…

No sunday sundae this week folks.
Instead, since I seem to be having so many lovely new visitors to the blog lately, I thought I might give you a C&D greatest hits so that you know you haven’t missed out on anything…
My contribution to the brilliant Blog it Forward series organised by sfgirlbybay.
I am currently very busy preparing for a group show in NY, which opens on April 22 and I’m still surrounded by half finished pieces!
I’m a red carpet fashion junkie, so if you missed any of the gems on the red carpet at the Oscars, Golden Globes, SAG’s, Bafta’s or Grammy’s then look no further!
I’m currently on the hunt for a flat, but I can’t stop looking at and daydreaming about some rather spectacular and out of my league places like here, here & here.
I’m a girl of habit & ritual, and take great pleasure in planning out my indulgent ‘me’ time (although living on your own it’s me, me, me all the time!). The arrival of spring, Valentine’s Day or bath time.
What girl can’t resist the allure of vintage diamonds?
In an attempt to get my sister to read my blog, I started blogging outfits for her. I’m pleased to say that my ploy worked, and she and her husband are now loyal readers!
One of my “jobs” is working as a make up artist, and although I am a make up junkie, I don’t blog about it ALL the time. My work kit is filled with brands that most people won’t have heard of or can’t get hold of, and I don’t think you all want to learn how to make yourselves look like junkies or Edwardian ladies (maybe you do and I’ve missed a trick?!). That said, sometimes, I can’t resist opening up my bag of tricks… here, here & here.
I love baking. Cooking of any kind makes me inordinately happy, but its baking that makes my heart (and tummy) sing, and two new recipe discoveries have got me cooking up a storm.
My beautiful cousin Kitty got married last year, and I had so much fun doing hair & make up for her and her 5 bridesmaids!
I am obsessed with stripes. And if you stick around long enough, you will see them EVERYWHERE!
What’s my motivation is my labour of blogging love. A series of posts that brings together all the elements of my favourite style icons, from Alice in Wonderland and Audrey Hepburn to Margot Fonteyn and Amelia Earheart.
And there you have it. Of course there’s a lot more loveliness to be found, so if you’ve got the time, why not stay a while and have a bit of a rummage.
And if you’re new, please say hello so that I can return the favour!
Last, but not least, Happy Easter!
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{ sunday sundae } pencils, polaroids & picture frames…

Happy Sunday folks! Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend? I’m a little under the weather today with a touch of ‘party flu’ nothing that a few mugs of tea, a bar of chocolate and some eye candy won’t cure…
You’re quite right Ses, couldn’t be.
Coloured pencils?? Wow…
I wanna have a party on these stairs. Comming?
Rug-a-licious, wouldn’t you agree?
A stunning wedding cake covered in sugar lace. What more could a bride wish for?
A beautiful wedding in Santa Barbara, my home from home.
Ahhhhhhh, DIY genius.
I’m pretty sure I’ve posted these before, I know everyone else has, but they’re hard to resist!
Oooooh, serious wallpaper lust. Big time.
So beautiful, I fell off my chair.
More design genius from Coralie Bickford-Smith
My iPhone life will be complete once I have one of these puppies
Stunning Georgia O’Keeffe inspired mood board
Toile with an edge
More wallpaper lust. I think I need help. or a room to wallpaper.
I want to go to there
Over & Out.
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{ sunday sundae } pastels, sherbets & gin fizzes…

Happy Sunday folks! I hope the Londoners among you have been enjoying the sunshine, wasn’t it a beautiful afternoon?! I hope the rest of you had a lovely sunny day too.

Here’s my pick of my fave finds from the blogosphere this week…
Sitting still is not my forte. Sitting straight in my chair is physically impossible.  So I love a chair with a seat big enough to tuck my legs & feet up on or sit cross-legged. Et voilà! One such beautiful chair. If only it wasn’t so pricey…
Download, print and make your own, very cool looking, pinhole camera.
I will definitely be giving this a go this summer.
I already have more pairs of PJ’s than a girl really needs in a lifetime, but one more pair couldn’t hurt, right?
A beautiful collection of summer sherbets & pastels that’s got me salivating and planning my summer purchases.
Form & function in perfect harmony.
My kind of flea market. If only I lived in Argentina.
I LOVE this picture!
My dream house – just look at all that wonderful storage & display space!! Heaven.
Ceramic paper cups. Genius.
{ decor8 }
That dress on the right is killing me. Coral ruffles & swags, love it.
Oh look, someone snuck into my head and took a picture of my dream wardrobe…
I’m swooning over the colours in this room, the wall, the chair, the watercolours, the hydrangeas… stunning.
Anything from the trolley? 
Aren’t these beds beauuuuuutiful? Imagine jasmine growing up the frame, filling the room with scent… those would be some sweeeeet dreams…
A dreamy photoshoot that’s got me dreaming of hazy summer days
Too cool for school.
Amazing wrapping paper with hand drawn designs.
I’ll take one of each please.
Over & out.
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{ sunday sundae } beets, bulldogs & bog roll…

Happy Sunday folks! Hope you’re all having a lovely sunny day.
This week’s sundae is waaaaaaaaay too long for me to provide y’all with footnotes, so you’ll have to fend for yourselves, it’s a “click on the pics that take your fancy” kind of deal. But don’t take them all at face value, there’s some suprises in there if you know where to look…

Over & Out.


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{ sunday sundae } tubs, bears & va-va-voom…

Yes, finally, a Sunday Sundae actually on a Sunday!! (OK, it’s already Monday in London, but for most of you it’s still Sunday, right?)
I’m hooked on the Oscar’s Red Carpet right now (sooooo in love with Sandy’s dress, SJP’s hair, Rachel McAdams, Maggie G – stunning!) Full red carpet post coming soon, but here’s the Sunday goodies to tide you over…
Let’s get straight to it…
…loving these stripes. And the print dress. And the blazer.
Hey cupcake!
Birthday cupcakes with twirling ballerinas? What more could a little girl ask for?
Blue skies!
 My weekend was filled with blue skies, and beautiful pictures like this keep reminding me that spring is almost here
{ mint }
Damn you Nadinoo
With your cute dresses and cute hair dos!
You had me at blue…
…I was drawn in by the flash of blue wall, and then stayed to look around, the beads, the trumpet, the unusual print
Peachy Keen
If I thought it would fit me, I’d be finding it hard to resist.
…I don’t really ‘get’ terrariums.  But this one, I like. 
Crimea River…
…an amazing collection of photos from the Crimea war.
Sorry about the appalling pun, I couldn’t help it.
I’m going to start wearing scarves in my hair, it’s too pretty not to…
Nick Knight is a genius.
Real Pretty
A beeeeeeeeaaaauitful Chicago wedding. The venue – me oh my!
Once in a blue moon
Woolly, knited, blue microphone-looking pendant light. Odd. I like it.
 …I loves me a tub.
The Bear Necessities
A light made out of gummie bears?!?! How have I lived this long without one?
Last but not least…
The Blog it Forward project continues to pop up all over my Google reader. It’s my turn on the 17th, but until then, you can follow the trail of breadcrumbs left by all 6 groups, by starting here.
Over & Out.
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{ sunday sundae } muffins, bunnies & ruffles…

 Oooops. A day late again. Sorry folks, I was too busy eating glittery cupcakes and playing with kids and puppies.  Well, I’m not that sorry, they were good cupcakes.
Short & sweet this week, but still full of goodies…enjoy!
  Muffins, top!
Who knew it was this easy to make muffins?! Not me!
What’s up doc?
Oh wabbit, I feel it too.
 Rapunzel, Rapunzel…
The woman is S.M.O.K.I.N.G hot
 A is for…
A recycled alphabet… 
 B is for…
…buy these beauties here.
Paper Doll
Fashion illustration & paper cutting had a beautiful baby…
Something blue…
a beautiful way to make your wedding shoes truly unique
Let there be light
A light within a light that makes you look twice
Me too!
Hung up
Another little bit of lighting genius
 Special delivery
An amazing project that involved sending a hand written letter to every home in Polish Hill, Pittsburgh, USA. Worth investigating…
I wish I lived…
…in a Lobster & Swan world
What’s your angle?
I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but it’s beautiful
Over & Out
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{ sunday sundae } puppies, pants & post its…

I know it’s not Sunday, but let’s just play along and pretend it is…
 Sweet Dreams
How beautiful is this bed?
Room for two
Love both of these rooms, the rustic vintage and the kooky classic
Put your back into it
Vintage Vionnet, I can’t help wondering what colours it is…
Summer lovin’
Oh to be standing under the summer sun in this beautiful cotton dress…
Reeses Pieces
Miss Witherspoon providing this week’s compulsory flash of stripes 
Blissful Blue Skies
I left my heart in San Francisco and this is why I keep going back and pretending to look for it
Forever flowers
A lovely alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet. And you could give a brooch to each of the special women in your life after the wedding as a memento.
Window for the soul
Isn’t this room beautiful? I would love to curl up on that chaise longue with a book while the autumn sun streamed through that amazing window

What Alexa did next
Her collection with Madewell is classic Alexa schoolboy chic
{ Pillar Box Post }

Yes please!!!! So freakin’ cool, I love it!
Matchstick Post-Its? Why didn’t anyone think of it sooner?
Pleats Please
Very cool trousers. Love the colour, the cut, the pleats. Divine.

New York Cool
Unique hat & scarlet lips.
Time for Tea
I love me some Early Grey. And you can’t beat shea butter for silky soft limbs.
{ Mint }

Snow excuse…
…for not rocking your Louboutins, whatever the weather
…so Reese wasn’t the only one rocking stripes this week. Oh well!
Puppy Love
I am so in love with this little pupsicle. I want one NOW!!
Over & Out
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{ sunday sundae } roses, vans & ampersands…

Hello my sweet valentines, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.
Just in case you didn’t get enough sweet nothings today, here a few more you might enjoy…

Making Waves
I am in love with this dress and it’s beguilingly simple design and print

 Spring is in the air
I can almost feel it, and can’t wait to stock up on pastels & sherbets

Zip it
Until spring gets it’s act together, I wouldn’t mind a chunky knit like this to snuggle up in

Racy & lacy
When (or if) the big day ever arrives, a dress like this might be my pick for walking down the aisle (minus the big frill, I’ve got enough volume up front already thanks. And with the addition of a slip underneath, no one wants to see a blushing vicar. Or the bride’s bottom for that matter)

It wasn’t that pretty (or that polite) on the grubby vans of my youth

 Asseyez vous
Sooooooo lusting after this chair

Loft lust
An envy-inducing before & after

In a jiffy
Pancake Day is almost upon us (far more exciting than all of this valentines nonsense) and with it comes the all important question, what do you put on yours? These apple bad boys have got me rethinking the caster sugar and Jif lemon combo

Pretty, pretty, pretty
Pretty photography, pretty wallpaper, pretty retro goodies

You guessed it…
…stripes. It’s compulsory for a sunday sundae, you know the rules

 Quiet Please
I could while away many an hour in a library like this

 Cuddling Cutlery
A cheeky find from Uncle B
Seaside Bride
My kind of wedding


Beautiful illustrations from Katie Daisy Lombardo
..words fail me.

 Roses are red…
…but they’re far more beautiful when they’re dark as blood

Thought for the day, week, life.
 Pucking cool
If I could be on a team with uniforms this cool, you’d never get me off the ice!

 Watch out Bugaboo
As soon as you’re old enough, we’re going shopping at J.Crew

The heart of the matter
Simple, original and rather beautiful

 Getting carried away
I’m not quite sure what it’s for, (crafting on the go?) but I’m pretty sure I need one
 { UPPERcase }

Over & Out


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{ sunday sundae } pie, PJ’s & parties…

Sunday again already. Where on earth did the week go? 
Wherever yours went, I hope you had a good one. One thing I managed to get done this week was redesigning my blog. I had been looking for the right template for EVER, when I popped on over to myphoneography (if you don’t follow this blog, you should!) and lo and behold, there it was! So, dearest Saltina, I hope you don’t mind that I joined the Extreme Gerogia party too?!
Surf’s up
Nothing new there, I’m always California dreaming. And this blog introduction from sfgirlbybay isn’t helping!
{ choka }

The only way is up
I know I’m 31, but surely you’re never too old for an “Up” inspired birthday party?
It wouldn’t be a sundae sunday without them.
Blogging a book by it’s cover
I’d always been a fan of “what should I read next?“, but I love this spin on finding the next book to lose yourself in.
Ahoy there!
My sister Alice would love these Gap PJ’s. We all grew up around boats, but she’s by far the best sailor of the bunch. And she loves PJ’s almost as much as I do.
…on a stick. I don’t know why. But it’s pie, so what’s not to like?
Sweet dreams
Wouldn’t this be the most magical place to spend your wedding night after a woodland wedding ceremony?
no…words…lust gland going into overdrive…
Isn’t this the most awesome gift for new parents? I would have to smuggle some honemade bath oil in too, so there was something for everyone!
Right on Target
The American super-chain hook sup with Liberty of London. Bliss.
Kiss, Kiss
Such a cute picture. Hurry back ladies, we’re missing those bitchin’ outfits.
Last but not least – if you don’t already read (or should that be view?) The Sartorialist, then you should. And every man you know should read this post.
Over & Out
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{ sunday sundae } subs, shoes & seats…

Happy Sunday folks!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, here’s a little round-up of the best bits of the blogosphere this week…

Red is the colour
New blog crush in the form of…
{ love with the proper stranger }

Picture this
A fantastic series of pictures mixing the old with the new
{ Pillar Box Post another of my new faves }

Put a little spring in your step
with flashes of neon pink
{ oh joy }

Flights of fancy
I can’t decide which I like more, the diaphanous capes or the messy up do…
{ this is glamorous }

…it took me an unreasonable amount of time to work out what this said!
{ i am a greedy girl }

When I grow up…
…I want to be a divorce lawyer, just so that I can have business cards this funny
{ pretty.pretty.paper }

I like it.
{ mint }

Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe
I always forget about all of the great vintage home wares you can find on Etsy
{ The City Sage }

It is being lovely prettiness
Elie Saab couture standing hand in hand with beautiful interiors
{ delight by design }

Sit on it
Love, love, love these little chairs
{ cafe cartolina }

Flower power
Wouldn’t these Anthrpologie mugs, filled with flowers, make a wonderful Valentines gift?
{ Snippet & Ink }

They’re Uggs Jim…
…but not as we know them. These boots are quite simply perfect. I need a pair for work, it’s imperative!
{ life according to celia }

I love this overstuffed chair, with it’s chrome ‘girdle’
{ desire to inspire }

Spring wrist wear for jaunty nautical styling
{ i am a greedy girl }

If you liked it…
…then you should have put this ring on it
{ a cup of jo }

Heart to Heart
My kind of valentine, not a red rose in sight.
{ pretty.pretty.paper }

Cupboard Love
My flat hunt continues apace, if only I could find somewhere with storage like this, I would move in there and then.
{ Apartment #34 }

That said…
…if I found a place like this with no storage at all, I’d move in even quicker
{ the design files }

As if tea time wasn’t enough fun already, along comes this little rubber gem!
{ swissmiss }

Sweet dreams
A bedroom fire place is one of my wish list home features, this one looks just perfect
{ desire to inspire }

Over & Out.


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