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{ sunday sundae } stripes, scripture & streep…

Happy Sunday folks!

This Sunday, not only am I providing you guys with a mammoth sundae of blog finds, but I will also be enjoying a real sundae with my lovely friends later.

Happy days.

Wedding Belle
I am soooooo in love with this bride’s beautiful headpiece
{ once wed }

The Proposal
A beautiful story of a beautifully illustrated proposal
{ design*sponge }

In scripture
I’ve been toying with the idea of a new tattoo, and have just found the inspiration I was looking for…
{ a cup of jo }

Check it out
Such. A. Cute. Jacket.
{ SeeSaw Designs }

Butter side up
A funny little dissection of a modern conundrum
{ swissmiss }

The woman is a legend in more ways than one
{ her name was lola }

Desk Job
A photo a month of a changing desk landscape
{ the fabric of my life }

Spring Fling
Vanessa Bruno’s spring/summer collection, complete with awesome pink trousers
{ this is glamorous }

Love Letters
A message to your valentine, written out in beautiful calligraphy, folded & sealed.
Romance is still alive, at least that’s what I’ve heard…
{ design is mine }

Under cover
Genius book jackets & bookmarks to give even the severest of books a sense of humour
{ swissmiss }

No two ways…
…about it. I love this outfit.
{ coco+kelley }

I want to be a Biscuiteer. I think it’s like being a pioneer, but with biscuits, whatever it is, it sounds like fun…
{ pillar box post }

Yup, more stripes
I really can’t get enough of them. It’s a sickness.
{ swissmiss }

Wall to wall
I love this idea for a truly original wallpaper alternative
{ the thinking tank }

Snappy dresser
Isn’t it cool? I love the padded leather backing. Class.
{ please sir }

Nice strap.
{ swissmiss }

Glass act
A gorgeous collection of coloured glass. Hmmmm…maybe I need to start collecting coloured glass…
{ design*sponge }

Pod life
An office pod. At the bottom of the garden. Genius. All I need now is a garden.
{ carrie can }

Painted Lady
A-mazing tattoos. Amazing.
{ design work life }

Chef Whites
Authentic vintage aprons. So pretty…
{ simplesong }

Over & Out


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{ sunday sundae } bugs, beds & baby vintage…

I hope you all had a wonderful week, I have to say, mine was considerably better that the one that went before, I even managed to take some time off without feeling guilty. Progress!!

Here are my favourite finds from the last seven days…

The styling is one thing, but when you realise that the pictures were all taken with a iPhone, you can’t help but be impressed
{ Busy Being Fabulous }


This wallpaper from Turner Pocock mertis a closer look, there are ostriches, cricket bats and polar bears lurking on them there walls
{ desire to inspire }

Sweet dreams
I love, love, love dark stormy walls and crisp white beds, and this one looks pretty darn perfect to me
{ the thinking tank }

Nice Tan
I’m a sucker for a nice tan handbag, and if I can’t have an Alexa, then I’d quiet happily settle for this beauty instead
{ Serendipity }

Paper Whites
A very simple DIY for a beautiful wax paper garland
{ Martha Stewart Weddings }

The bride wore sequins
A little glimpse of a fashion fabulous wedding
{ 100 Layer Cake }

If Paul Smith made ice cream, it would probably look like this. Not sure about the Hermes french fries though…
{ This is glamorous }

Oh baby!
Vintage baby clothes? Swooning all over the place…
{ Bird & Banner }

You big softy
I’ve got a bit of a nougat thing going on at the moment, and this cushion is no exception
{ The Bedlam of Beefy }

Ice, ice baby
Just when London starts to thaw, along come a brilliant idea for making the most of the cold snap
{ Design*Sponge }

Sweet Heart
Any man who hung one of these on my door would be in for keeps!
{ Gypsy Rose Writes }

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but it sure is pretty
{ design work life }

Silver Screen
A beautiful collection of 20’s pics
{ the thinking tank }
Spades of style
Stripes, check. Gold, check. In my jewellery box… ummm…
{ Brown Button }

Size matters?
A brilliant and very interesting photo shoot which puts “normal” and “plus size” models side by side
{ d-sharp journal }

Secret Squirrel
A clothing company called Secret Squirrel? The name alone would be enough to convince me, but they just happen to produce some pretty gorgeous clothes
{ oh so beautiful paper }

Trunk call
A fantastic storage solution, which, if stacked 3 or 4 high would make a great night stand or end table
{ swiss miss }

It’s official
If this collection of pictures is anything to go by, clipboards are cool again
{ desire to inspire }

It’s a bug’s life
I’m not normally one for creepy crawlies, but me oh my these beauties are stunning!
{ Unruly Things }

Over & Out


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{ sunday sundae } tubs, studs & pups…

Ahhhhhhhhhh, Sunday.

What blissful refuge you provide.

You are by far my favourite day of the week, and in your glorious honour, I offer you these gifts…

Title Unknown
words…not…coming… out…too…in…awe…
{ Moodboard }

Stud Muffin
Coming soon to a Topshop near you (and hopefully a wardrobe very near to me)
{ Style Bubble }

Mini Mac
I cannot live without one of these little gems. Honest. Not being a drama queen, it’s just the way it is.
{ swissmiss }

Well fancy that
Oooooooooh, pretty book you will be mine. And so will you, pretty chair, lurking at the left of the bottom picture…
{ Lobster and Swan }

Something Fishy
Oh how I love the sushi. Oh how I know the rules but always break one or two.
{ swissmiss }

Baby it’s cold outside
I’m pretty sure you’d be hard pressed to find thermal undies cuter than these
{ moodboard }

It’s cooler in the shade
And they don’t get much cooler than these puppies.
{ Dilly Dallas }

From plain to plain brilliant
You have to click below to see the very brilliant after.
{ Design*Sponge }

Bathroom perfection…
…would be achieved if I could somehow combine these three bathrooms and fit them into my flat (with the view to boot)
{ desire to inspire // Feminine Modern // auburn & ivory }

Take a Spin
This shelving unit is genius. Pure and simple.
{ Create Girl }

Come on in, the reading’s fine
Love the humour and simple design of this bookmark.
{ swissmiss }

In treatment
I think I could sit in this corner for hours, reading. Or just admiring the perfectly balanced combination of styles and the near perfect wall colour.
{ desire to inspire }

Layer Cake
I love this outfit.
{ for me, for you }

It’s a very cool mirror frame. Made out of plastic spoons. Go figure.
{ Carrie Can }

I can never decide…
…whether to eat them or just look at them. Either way, I would eat a lot more tomatoes if you could get these beauties in England.
{ Serendipity }

Sherbet Dip
It is being loveliness prettiness.
{ The Design Files }

Under Cover
New season, new jacket, for your books.
{ SeeSaw Designs }

Puppy Love
This little fella is too damn cute.
{ automatism }

Over & Out


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{ sunday sundae } gin, poufs and Liz…

Slim pickings this week. Not because there haven’t been plenty of gems out there, but, rather that I have been very lazy and not done my duty as well as I ought.

That being said, here’s some of the things I did get round to investigating…

Can you imagine…
I have no shame in admitting that I love a good jigsaw, and this one from Anthropologie looks just the ticket!
{ design is mine }

Rapunzel, Rapunzel…
That’s it. I am definitely growing my hair longer now
{ design is mine }

Smitten Kitten
I’ve been hankering for a slow cooker for ages, this story and recipe has me convinced that I need one NOW!
{ Smitten Kitchen }

I couldn’t agree more…
{ Brown Button }

Like a glove
I am so in love with these gloves and am trying to find a pair (and an excuse to wear them)
{ Snippet & Ink }

Side by side

I cannot find a single fault with this bathroom set up
{ Katy Elliot }

What’s new pussycat?
I’ll do you a deal, you can have the chocolates, and I’ll keep the box…
{ Bird and Banner }

A night on the tiles

I want to be this bold with my home decor, the next place I own is getting a kitchen just like this one
{ The Design Files }

Knit Wit

It’s a knitted pouf that looks like a sea urchin. It’s awesome!
{ Katy Elliot }

Russian dolls with a modern minimalist twist
{ Mint }

On Her Majesty’s Service
Where did they get that picture of her Maj, and where can I get one?
{ The City Sage }

Over & out.


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{ sunday sundae } part two – two bikes and a moose…

Part Deux…

Town Mouse
I always figured myself to be a country mouse at heart, but this book has me doubting myself
{ Katy Elliott }

Died & Gone to Heaven
…is how I would feel if this was my boudoir
{ moodboard }

“How to make your husband squeal like a woman”
How can you resist a post (and a recipe) after that title?
{ little brown pen }

Stripes + Chocolate
! ! !
{ Bird and Banner }

Street Food of Desire
I always get my fill of Mexican food when I am in Cali, because the London stuff just doesn’t cut the guacamole. Maybe I should start making it myself…
{ Serendipity }

Tea, comes from a Tea…..Pot!
The only way to guarantee the perfect cuppa is with the perfect pot
{ The Design Files }

Cut to the Chase
It’s papercutting, but not as we know it
{ Oh So Beautiful Paper }

Oranges & Lemons
Fantastic citrus-hued metalwork
{ oh joy! }

Black Magic
A fantastic (and simple) ‘how to’.
I am now going to spray anything and everything I can get my hands on with black paint
{ Twig & Thistle }

I want to ride my bicycle
But I can’t, a moose stole it.
{ life according to celia }

Get cape. Wear Cape. Fly
Cute much?
{ Happy Cavalier }

Ferme la Croquembouche
Thank you. What’s everyone else having?
{ Snippet & Ink }

Let it Snow
As I write this post, I am checking out the window every 10 minutes, just in case
{ fine little day }

Ice Ice Baby
In my dreams, this bag sits proudly on my shelf and sparkles all day long
{ Coco + Kelley }

A fantastic alternative to a traditional Christmas wreath
{ Ill Seen, Ill Said }

Last, But Not Least…
A truly fantastic wedding, where the bride wore pale blue bloomers under her short dress and the groom wore blue velvet…
{ SeeSaw Designs }

Over & Out


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{ sunday sundae } part one – bows, beds & bustles…

Ooooops. I got a bit carried away this week. ( I know, so unlike me…)

So this week’s sundae is in 2 parts. I hope you enjoy all of these goodies as much as I did…

Gobsmacking Gown
This Carolina Herrera dress is off-the-chart gorgeous
{ coco + kelley }

London Red
A beautiful series of pictures, all featuring that classic London colour
{ Lark About }

Take a Bow
A very cute ‘how to’
{ Twig & Thistle }

Boxing Day
Another cute ‘how to’ for an origami parcel garland
{ Creature Comforts }

Wow! What a cushion…
{ Classic Ivory }

Starry, Starry Night
Sublime lingerie from The Lake & Stars
{ i am a greedy girl }
(this blog pops up quite a bit this week, it’s my new blog crush!)

Lovely Clusters
Have you discovered this website yet? You’ll love it, cross my heart…
{ Lovely Clusters }

The Birds
Hitchcock chic courtesy of Oscar de la Renta and via the lovely Lola
{ Her Names was Lola }

Hello Sailor
More saucy silkiness, this time from Etsy store, Hopeless
{ i am a greedy girl }

Stripes! (again)
If I could get away with it, I would wear this EVERY day. No word of a lie.
{ i am a greedy girl }

Hold on Tights
Hand-printed tights from Natalie Marie Willis
{ Style Bubble }

The Kids are Alright
Better than bunk beds any day of the week
{ design*sponge }

Sweet Dreams
Love, love, love the contrast of black lacquered floors and crumpled white linen
{ design*sponge }

{ shelves in the closet…} Happy Thought Indeed
Beyond clever. Out of sight, out of mind
( 10 points if you understand the title!)
{ design*sponge }

Purple Passion
I have a thing for purple walls, and these two gems from Anna Richardson are killing me
{ decor8 }

Oh! Christmas Tree!
Light up your life with a little outdoor tree trimming
{ A Cup of Jo }


Part 2 on it’s way!

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{ sunday sundae } rocks, frocks and a pretty pink box…

I think it’s plainly obvious from the length of this week’s roll call that I have spent far more time reading other people’s blogs than I have thinking about my own.

That said, after Thursday night’s frustrations, I went back and read post after post of my own blog. And what do you know, I was suddenly filled with renewed vigour for my baby. Add to that some Friday morning epiphanies, and it’s all systems go…

Watch this space!

In the meantime, here’s my weekly round-up of things that have taken my fancy…

Got the horn
I want antlers too! And that dress in the middle is beyond breathtaking…
{ moodboard }

I can see clearly now
Beautiful dress. Beautiful colours. Beautiful photography…
{ SeeSaw Designs }

I’m not entirely sure what they are or what they’re for, but me oh my, they sure are pretty…
{ Bird and Banner }

Where the wild things are
This looks like the most magical hen party (bachelorette) a girl could wish for…
{ yes, please }

Fir-get about it
You can keep your holly and ivy, this wreath is A-mazing!
{ Here’s lookin’ at me kid }

More of the same
More stripes. What can I tell you? “My name’s Kate and I’m a stripe-aholic”.
{ Creature Comforts }

They always come in threes
More stripes, this time in the form of the most perfect laptop bag EVER. Thank you Spuntina!
{ Spuntina }

Speaking of threes…
A beautiful triptych of ribbons and roses
{ Concrete & Honey }

Get your rocks on No.1
Genius. Beautiful. Want one. NOW.
{ for me, for you }


Give us a twirl
Strange and beguiling. Not entirely sure what it’s all about, but I like it.
{ Style Bubble }

Ho, ho, home made
Beautiful in their simplicity, and made from old jumpers! Who’d have thought it…
{ simplesong }

Heads above the rest
Loving these lace headbands, particularly that yellow one, so pretty…
{ Oh joy! }

Time for tea
Simple idea, simple packaging, simply lovely. I would set mine to London, NY & SF so that I could keep up with all my sisters
{ poppytalk }

Wedding Belles No.1
A real life wedding filled with Dahlias, dancing and some very cool Orders of Service
{ 100 Layer Cake }

Dress Lust No.1
Beautiful duck egg blue and a cute pink ribbon. What more does a vintage girl need?
{ Unruly Things }

Who could resist…
…a bird in a shoe?
{ Here comes the sun }

Dress Lust No.2
{ Design is mine }

Title Unknown
Lingerie. Flowers. Polaroids. Stunning. Stunning. Stunning.
{ Style Bubble }

Colour me happy
Butter, sugar, seafoam, chocolate & bronze. A beautiful colour collection and mood board
{ 100 Layer Cake }

Cruise Line
More great colour inspiration, this time with a fashion bent. She looks like she’s about to board a ship and go back in time…
{ life according to Celia }

Come fly with me
The kind of treats you get when your husband is a pilot…*sigh*…
{ Serendipity }

Get knotted
Non, you’re good at crochet, think you could knock me up one of these awesome rugs?
{ design*sponge }

Wedding Belles No.2
I like to think that I have the gumption to wear this hat to the next wedding I go to…
{ Lobster and Swan }

Snow is falling, all around us…
Actual, real, straight from the hands of mother nature, snowflakes. Photographed for our wondering pleasure…
{ automatism }

Get your rocks on No.2
It’s not a photo. It’s an oil painting. For real! Amazing talent…
{ design*sponge }

Treasure Chest
A divine recipe card box with letterpressed index cards. The Martha Stewart Princess in me wants one now.
{ Truly Smitten }

{ S.HOPtalk }

Over & Out.


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{ sunday sundae } better late than never!…

Ooops! How is it Monday afternoon already?!

This weekend just flew by. One of my most gorgeous of friends got married on Saturday, I spent Friday squirrelled away in my kitchen, baking 3 Chocolate & Guinness cakes filled with dark chocolate ganache and covered in white chocolate frosting. My first (and probably last!) wedding cake. Then Saturday was all about heated rollers, brushes and eyelashes. We had such a fun morning getting her and her bridesmaids ready, and the wedding itself was one of the most perfect I’ve been to. Small, intimate, cosy and full of laughter, good food, friends and LOTS of dancing.

Needless to say, wedding work + wedding fun x jetlag = no Sunday at all!!

Now, it’s back to the old routine, lots of work to catch up on, and a blogging groove to jump back into.

So, let’s get started with my fave finds from last week, there’s a lot of them so maybe put the kettle on before you start…

Cookie Monster
Ummmmm, cutest cookie cutters ever? I think so..
{ Simple + Pretty }

Snug as a Bug
I’m loving every piece in this collection, I’ll take one of each please!
{ Black*Eiffel }

Roll Call
A fabulous new blog from the always inspiring Tina from The English Muse
{ The Next Page }

Whale of a Time
I am in love with this illustration. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I think it’s beautiful…
{ for me, for you }

Spool No.72
What’s worse than being introduced to a gorgeous brand that’s out of your price range? Being introduced to one that’s within it…damn and blast!
{ Oh Joy! }

Double Trouble
An introduction to a fabulous blog featuring diptych’s by artist & stylist Neville Tricket
{ English Muse }

Bunny Love
I want that bunny. No two ways about it.
{ SeeSaw Designs }

Ice Ice Baby
Amazing iceberg photography. Stripey icebergs, who knew!
{ Black*Eiffel }

3 x 3
Not sure what it’s all about, but I like it all the same…
{ Paper Ice Cream }

Bag it Up
Me Likey. From Death and Texas
{ I am a greedy girl }

Sneek Peek
Some rather gorgeous Interiors Photography. I want to step into the pictures and spend a few hours poking around…
{ decor8 }

F, all of the above
I’m a sucker for stripes, and a girl can never have too much ribbon, right?
{ Simple + Pretty }

It’s in the Details
Once you see the bigger picture it will all become clear…
{ little brown pen }

Bowled Over
Stunning bowl flower arrangements. The colours in the top one are beautiful.
{ Oh Joy! }

Oh Tannenbaum
Possibly the coolest unreal christmas tree ever made.
{ for me, for you }

Bright Idea
A tasty little Etsy round up. I am particularly lusting after the light…
{ Ill Seen, Ill Said }

Wouldn’t you agree?
{ dilly dallas }

Light my Fire
You can move it around the house! It’s freakin’ amazing!
{ decor8 }

On Top
I heart it too Mrs French.
{ Bliss }


Over and out!


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{ sunday sundae } beds, bulldogs, bags & more…

The California sunshine is too much of a distraction for this London girl, so apologies that the posts have been a little thin on the ground!

Until our regular blogging service resumes, here’s a little round up of the beautiful things the blogosphere has brought to my attention this week…

Curiouser and curiouser
I have no idea what they are for, but they are beautiful
{ Paper Ice Cream }

In the bag
Another bag to add to my imaginary tan leather bag collection
{ Auburn & Ivory }

Hello Sailor
A very cute outfit choice, so cute in fact that I wore a similar one today
{ Camp Comfort }

Bed Envy No.1
Love the shelf (I have that Ikea vase, so cute), love the bed, love the clock, stop me anytime…
{ Poppytalk }

New fave blog
Thank you for the introduction Amanda
{ Sandra Juto }

Top of the shops
Gimme, gimme, gimme!
{ Love it a lot }

In the mood
A gorgeous mood board and colour collection
{ 100 layer cake }

Less is more
It’s always a little depressing spotting work so well imagined & executed that you know you could never have done it yourself
{ yes, please }

Bake Off
A delicious looking book and a cute story
{ Design*sponge }

Dress Lust No.1
So much prettiness I can hardly breathe
{ unruly things }

Dress Lust No.2
I actually have stopped breathing
{ frolic! }

Best of British
Uncle Beefy serves up a delicious interior sneak peek
{ The Bedlam of Beefy }

Bed Envy No.2
Sundays would never be the same again if you could spend them dozing here
{ Busy Being Fabulous }

Bulldog Bling
I want the picture on my wall, the necklace round my neck and the dog at my feet
{ Oh, Joy! }

Sweets for my Sweet
Mouth watering.
{ yes, please }

Knick Knackery
It is being lovely prettiness
{ decor8 }

Over and out! x

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{ someone, somewhere } pompoms, stairs, beach huts & more…

I have been meaning to start a regular feature for ages, but have not been able to decide what to call it. It’s not ground breaking blogging, it’s just a little weekly round up of what’s been making me smile in my Google Reader over the last 7 days.

Highly un-original (on my part), but hopefully some gems you may not have had the luck to stumble across, and a shout out to the ladies (& gents?) of the blogosphere who keep me coming back for more…

Show me some Skin
Fabulous accessorizing from Show me your wardrobe.

Wedding Belles
A beautiful wedding, first introduced to me by my lovely friend Little Lucy whose friend “was the yellow bridesmaid”, and featured here.

Shake your Pompoms
Polish paper chandeliers. Weird and completely wonderful, featured here.

Bed Spread
Could that grey bedspread be any more gorgeous?
{ Yes, if it was on my bed and not just on this blog }

Stairway to heaven
Yes, it’s a bookcase. Yes, it’s a staircase. It’s a case of pure genius if you ask me!

Scrappy Doo
I never really got scrapbooking { those of a UK persuasion will be with me here } until I discovered the simplicity of these pages.

Picture Perfect
I’m suffering from frame envy over this little collection

Words of Wisdom
A good point, well made.

I want…
…a dog too. And a beach hut.

Over and out.

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