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I know, I know, over 2 months without a single post. I’m The World’s Worst Blogger™.

What can I say? I’ve been beyond busy. There’s been family drama, work drama, travelling for work, travelling for pleasure and all manner of distractions, both good and bad.

BUT, I’m back now! And the the list of posts didn’t stop growing while I was away, so be prepared for a tidal wave of new beauty recommendations, some fabulous food and fashion discoveries and all manner of other pretty things.

In the meantime, a few things I’ve been loving lately…

Loveling Lately

{Paris // Lips // Necklace // Clutch // Shoes }

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{ what doin’ } more Bangkok…

The hotel lobby…
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{ what doin’ } travelling mouse…

Hey kids, quick question, how the heck is it January 21st already?!?!? In the words of Mike LaFontaine “wha’ happened?”
After a very laid back Christmas and New Year (let’s be honest, I didn’t have much of a choice, I was siiii-ick), things have gone ballistic. January 4th came along and “whomp” I got completely blind-sided by an avalanche of brides (& grooms). It was only this past weekend that I discovered it was due to my designs appearing in Wedding Magazine. I can’t complain, it’s what everyone dreams of when they start their own business, I just wish I’d seen it coming! (yeah, I know, wishing for divine foresight, good one).
So, now I have this great momentum going, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it slide. BUT, up comes the opportunity to take a very cheap but rather luxurious trip to Thailand to spend a week with one of my amazing sisters who I miss so bad it hurts, that I just couldn’t say no. And probably just in time, my throat is starting to feel the strain, and as tonsillitis is my body’s way of telling me it’s not happy, a week of sunshine, fruit juice and green papaya salads is probably going to do me the word of good. Not to mention the joy of discussing my plans for world domination with my darling Miss A over a couple of G&T’s and a Scrabble board.
But, since I find it hard to go even one day without doing some work, I’m packing the “bare essentials” to allow me to keep the momentum going. In fact, along with the laptop, my working bible, my day book and a few files, I’m packing so many books, both for work (Teach yourself small business accounting, Creative, inc, Production for Graphic Designers…) and for pleasure…
…that there will be precious little space in my suitcase for anything else. A good way to stave off the shopping compulsions at the Thai markets? We’ll see!
In the meantime, I’m hoping to leave you with a few posts to tide you over until I return all fresh as a daisy and ready to kick some wedding stationery butt!
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{ what doin’ } star gate…

Have you been caught up in zodiac-gate? Has your world been shaken by the news that you’re not the balanced, perfection-seeking Libran you always thought you were? The blogosphere seems awash with people panicking at the thought of a new star-sign to get their heads around. While I don’t hold much sway with the stars predicting our destiny, I’ve always been fascinated by the character traits of the star signs, and how spookily pertinent they can be. Not least of all because I am SUCH a Cancerian, I could be a poster girl for the home-loving, nurturing, moody, romantic crabs of the world. I even fit the bill physically – below average height, brown hair, round face, full lips, prominent forehead (quite the looker eh?). I’ve even gone as far as to perfect the night-owl routine, we are ruled by the moon after all, and my super-retentive aural memory drives the man in my life round the bend when I can recite entire conversations word for word and long after the fact (or remind him that he already told me that story, twice, probably while under the influence.)

So, it was with curious anticipation that I scrolled down the article to find out my new star sign. I was already on the very cusp of being a Cancerian, so my chances were slim, but there I was, 21st July, still a Cancerian, just on the other cusp is all. I had to laugh…

{ pic – Siri Tollerod by Tim Gutt in Star Signs | Vogue UK December 2010 }

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{ what doin’ } busy, head-spinning mouse…

{ Thai Airways – taxiing to the gate }
So, right about now, you’re probably saying to yourself something along the lines of “I’ve had it with this blog, all she does is write about how sick she is. I’m off to find a blog with pretty stuff, useful info and actual posts”
And who could blame you! Between the trapped nerve in my neck (I think I may have spared you the details of the excruciatingly painful 11 hour flight and subsequent drug haze which that gem involved), followed by the two week cold from hell and then the winter vomiting bug, my body has certainly taken a bashing of late. 
But I was ready, Tuesday morning I was back to my old self, up and at ’em bright and early, cup of tea in hand, switch on computer…whoaaaaaaaa mama! Where the heck did all these brides come from?! They’re everywhere! Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it! I just wasn’t expecting quite such a flurry quite so soon. Needless to say, I’m up to my eyeballs in quotes, moodboards, fonts & samples. I’m very excited at the prospect of working on some bespoke designs that have already got my juices flowing, and so far, everyone has been a delight to work with. A tone for the year has most definitely been set.
Add to the bedlam a looming tax deadline and a whirlwind, last minute trip to Thailand at the end of the month, and I think I can safely assume that the next few weeks are going to be a little manic.
That said, I am determined to share some 2011 plans, some new beauty favourites, some fabulous fashion finds and some other delicious treats with you before you all dessert me for a better blog. 
So stay tuned…
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{ what doin’ } poorly mouse…

What the heck is going on here?!? I hardly ever get sick…
But, hot on the heels of The Cold That Refused to Leave™ comes the Winter Vomiting Bug. Lovely.
I had my 3 day weekend planned out to perfection, a huge sweep through the flat with charity boxes and bin liners in tow, a big scrub, clean and polish of every surface (the flat and me) and a day of paperwork to get the year off to an organised and stress-free start. Alas, I only made it to the end of day one before I was on my knees worshipping the white porcelain. Day two has, therefore, been highly unproductive as I struggle to keep anything down (2 cups of hot Ribena is the current record! Wooo Hooo!)
I must admit, that one of the very few drawbacks of living alone (and there really are very few – when you need someone to zip you up, when you get locked out and there’s no one else on their way home with a front door key…) is that sickness is a terrible bore. No one to nurse you, run you a bath or bring you supplies. No one to standby with a steady stream of “poor you’s” and brow wiping.
So, I am waaaaaaay behind on the 3 day plan, on the work load and on the planned blog posts I had lined up in my pretty little head for you.
I dare say you’ll live without me for a couple more days, so I’m off to live life on the edge and try a piece of toast…

{ pic from somewhere wonderful I’m sure, I just don’t know where}
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{ what doin’ } sniffle, sniffle and then sniffle some more…

Arrrrrrrrrgh life! Sure does get in the way of doing stuff, doesn’t it?!
You kids must think I’ve fallen off the edge of the earth! 
I come back from a loooooooong holiday, post 2 trifling posts and then vanish again. 
Truth be told, no sooner had I caught up with work and clients, than I was struck down by the London Lurgy. This things is bad people. I wont go into too much disgusting detail, but let’s just say that the amount of gunk my lungs and nose seem to be generating is rather impressive. In a gross kinda way.
Mix that in with a country that’s all but ground to a halt because of the snow and ice, resulting in missing packages, low supplies and ice-rink sidewalks and you’ve got yourself a right royal mess. 
I have retreated to bed with my umpteenth ‘Blackcurrant Lempsip Max Strength’, forget the Christmas shopping, people can have hugs this year!
{ pic }
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{ what doin’ } Back to Business…

 I’m back!!
Yeah baby! I can tell that you’re all just as excited as I am by this splendiferous news!! But then you’re probably warm enough to spend some energy on getting excited, while I’m huddled under my duvet in a flat that hasn’t had central heating since Tuesday. Nice.
They fixed it yesterday, just in time for me to have a hot bath after my 15 hours of travelling, but then this morning, zip. Diddly. Nada. Brrrrrrrr.
Queue another plumber being sent round only to tell me…
“awright lav, I’ve pressed the overide button and it’s working again”.
“errr, right OK. Gosh, feeling a little stupid now.”
“Nah, what the other guys didn’t mention is that you need to reset the wireless thermostat control after it’s been switched off at the mains.”
“Right, so you’ve done that?”
“Errrr, can you?”
“Have you got the manual?”
“The boiler is older than I am, no, I don’t have the manual.”
“Then no, sorry lav. ‘Ave a look on the internet maybe. Good luck.”
Turns out it was simples and now I feel like a right girl (I know, I am one, but I pride myself on being a practical sort, I have my own very serious looking tool kit complete with power drill – that I confess I am too scared to use, and hammer – that I use all the time!)
Anyway, long story only slightly shorter, now that the feeling is returning to the ends of my numb fingers, I can start sharing lots of lovely things with you fine folk again!
{ pics above showing just how peaceful and beautiful my Thanksgiving was. And no, that’s not me paddle-boarding, it’s my good friend Mrs Horny Toad }
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{ town mouse } country mouse & busy mouse…

{ yup, that’s where I’ll be spending Thanksgiving. Pretty sweet huh? }
Hi folks, you may have already noticed that things have been a little sketchy around here this last week. I’ve been working my little fingers to a nubbin. And there’s plenty more where that came from, so things are going to continue to be a little sketchy. And once the work subsides, sometime around midnight next Monday, I’ll be packing my bags and heading west for a couple of weeks. Some California sun, good food and good company is just what I’ll be needing after the next few days. That said, it’ll be a “working” holiday, so you can expect to hear the odd squeak from me!
Until then, gobble, gobble, gobble!!
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{ what doin’ } sniffle, sniffle…

{ Actress Jill Ireland photographed by Cornel Lucas, via here }
I’d quite like to be skipping across the sand dunes, cluster of bright balloons in my hand, blue skies overhead. But alas. I am still poorly. STILL. What’s up with that?
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